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There are a few important changes this year to our Service Times

Sunday School will now be held during church, rather than before.

The church services are as follows:
- first Sunday: 11.30am - Morning Prayer
- second Sunday: 9am & 11.30am - Holy Communion
- third Sunday: 11.30am - Family Friendly Morning Prayer (with refreshments)
- fourth Sunday: 11.30am - Family Friendly Holy Communion (with refreshments)
- fifth Sunday: 11.30am - Morning Prayer with Guest Speaker
6.30pm - Special Service of reflective music, praise and prayer

The first Sunday of each month, as before, will be Big Breakfast, in the Hall from 10:00 to 11:15 am. Everyone is very welcome, but please remember that children need to be accompanied by an adult.

For all other weeks, children are asked to come to church and we will then leave for Sunday School shortly after the service begins.

On the second Sunday in the month, both classes will have Sunday School in the Church Hall.

For the third and fourth Sundays, Sunday School will be for Kindergarten (ages 3-6/7) only, in the choir vestry as the service in the church will be suited towards young children and their families! So please bring all the family on the 3rd and 4th Sundays - refreshments will be served afterwards.

In the event that there is a fifth Sunday in the month all Sunday School children will be welcome to come to church and then will go over to the Hall for fun and games and enjoy "Parachute Sunday".

Each week, we will bring the children back into church, before the services ends.

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All arrangements for Christenings should be made via the Rector.

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All arrangements for Weddings should be made via the Rector.

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All arrangements for Funerals should be made via the Rector.

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